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Important Note for Agents

Here are some important guidelines for posting and submitting your properties at manahil estate.

1- Complete your profile with your complete name, email, phone numbers and profile links.

2- Under my listing link, you will see an option “Agent Photo”, please upload your own or agency photo.

3- Click on add new property

4- Enter Complete Titles for your property

5- Upload photos for your property (photo sizes should be larger than 700×400 px for main image) You can drag the position of photos.

6- Do not upload photos with any external link or external logo, just use clean images for property or relevant society

7- Add options like size, type, purpose, price, featured etc

8- Add desription of your property

9- If complete address is given in title, map will automatically show location. In case map doesn’t show location, you can manually enter latitude and longitude of location from google maps into the map value option

10- Choose location of property from drop down list on the right side

11- Choose property features from the list, or add your own features on the right sidebar

12- Add video code for youtube or vimeo on the right side bar.

Now that you have entered your post correctly,  please submit for review.

Please Note that if all details are properly entered, and your post like a professional. There are high chances that you get many direct leads through us.

Thanks and Good Bye