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Top City-1 Islamabad Revised Master Plan Map Approved by RDA

Top City-1 has finally got approval of its revised master plan map from Rawalpindi Development Authority. The revised plan was already available in the market for quite some time but all it needed was approval from RDA in order to be used precisely for reference.

The revised master plan spans over 9081 kanals of land, and it includes some new sectors including G, I & J. Some blocks have been reshuffled, and redesigned, while some have expanded to include more plots.

The land use distribution in the revised plan is given as under:

The number of plots for each plot size is given as under:

The number of plots in each block is given as under:

Top City-1 has launched new bookings of residential plots, commercial plots, and high-rise tower plots right after the approval of its revised map. You can check the details of new bookings at the following page:

You can download below the revised master plan map in high quality PDF format:

Top City Islamabad Revised Map

You can download revised map of Top City-1 in JPG format below:

Top City-1 Revised Map

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