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Security Features of Registration Forms of Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi have issued a list of security features of the registration forms which need to be checked before purchasing a registration form from the market. Since, these forms have been submitted already, and a host of fake registration forms had been sold in the market which many people submitted with registration fees without knowing the authenticity of form.

Fazaia has declared that it reserves the right to cancel such registration forms which do not have any of the following security features:

1- Form printed on Check Book Paper

2- Watermark (APEX)

3- Invisible marks which are visible through UV light

4- Quick Validation through Black UV marker

5- Invisible Logo of FHS made with removable UV ink which is visible through UV light

6- Serial number inscribed with magnetic ink (bleed through system) etc

So if you are looking to purchase a registration form from the market, you have to check the above-mentioned features or simply go to Fazaia Office to validate the registration form before you purchase.

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