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Sector G-14 Development Updates


Sector G-14 is a partially developed area located on main Kashmir Highway. Its sub-sector G-14/4 is developed and it is ready for construction and residence, whereas other sub-sectors i.e. g-14/1, g-14/2 and g-14/3 are still non-developed due to failure in land acquisition by FGEHF.

Sector G-14 was launched in 2004 by Housing Foundation but its allottees are still waiting for development even after a decade. One billion rupees reward was announced for the affectees after the survey, and the amount was submitted to Land Acquisition Collectorate Department of Islamabad by FGEHF. Later on, affectees went to court in order to receive build up property award according to current market rates. The court decided in favor of the affectees and Foundation has to pay around 4 billion rupees to the affectees against build up property.

The housing foundation decided to charge this extra amount from the allottees who were already annoyed at the progress of development in g-14. Most of the allottees are Government Servants who are unable to afford this extra burden, so they have no option but to sell out their plots as we have observed this year that many plots are coming for sale especially in sector G-14/1.

A plan is also under consideration that the affectees could be allotted plots in sector G-15 against the land they handover to Foundation in sector g-14.

These developments have been published in many newspapers. We have attached some news clippings below.

News Clipping from Daily Jang:


News Clipping from Daily Express:


Follow-up News Clipping from Daily Express:


Lastest Development

According to sources, sub-divisional magistrate Islamabad has imposed ban on construction of houses in sub-sectors g-14/1, 2 & 3 as well as sector g-15/3 under section 144 for next 2 months. Also it is prohibited to transport, load and unload building materials in said sectors.

According to the ruling by the magistrate, anybody found guilty of violation will be taken into account. Land in these sectors is acquired by FGEHF for its housing scheme, and some people are taking undue advantage of its reward policy for build up property by constructing raw or solid structures and houses.

Recent News Clipping from Daily Jang:



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