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Rudn Enclave Transfer Fee and Transfer Procedure

If you buy or sell any residential or commercial plot or farm house in Rudn Enclave, you have to prepare necessary documents and pay transfer charges in order to transfer ownership from seller to new buyer.

Rudn Enclave has laid out the following procedure for transfer of any plot in the society:

1- All due installments must be cleared before transfer of plot.

2- Following documents will be required to submit transfer application:

3- Both parties must be present for transfer of plot.

4- If seller cannot come personally, power of attorney will be required for transfer.

5- Following transfer charges will be payable to the society:

You can download the specimens of required documents below:

Check list for Transfer

Purchaser Undertaking

Seller Affidavit

Transfer Form

Should you require more information on Transfer of plots in Rudn Enclave, feel free to call 03455222253 for assistance.

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