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Park View City Islamabad Phase 2

Park View City Phase 2

Park View City Phase 2 was launched by Vision Group, after the huge success of Park View City Lahore and Park View City Islamabad. Generally, Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 aims to provide excellent development, on-time delivery, and a premium lifestyle, just like Phase 1.

Vision Group is planning Park View City Islamabad phase 2 on the premises of Rawalpindi City. Without a doubt, Park View City Islamabad Phase 1 is a great success, it offers excellent value to investors and customers. Therefore, it became a hotspot project in the capital. Developers are planning PVC Phase 2 in Rawalpindi, to provide a luxury lifestyle similar to, or even better than the first phase.

The project is in the pre-launch stages, therefore, pre-launch plot sizes and the payment plan are disclosed by the developer. PVC Phase 2 is coming at an ideal location in Rawalpindi. It is accessible from multiple routes and has quite an affordable payment plan and a reputable developer. Therefore, investors will get excellent returns, as they did in PVC Islamabad Phase 1.

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 Location

The location of Phase 2 is in Rawalpindi, specifically, the Rawat area. Its exact location comes close to the T-Chowk, on the main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road Rawalpindi.

Park View City Phase 2 Location

Furthermore, the entrance will come on the main G.T road, near the Baanth Interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road. It will be launched in the surrounding Rawat Area. Some speculations also suggest that is present on Rawat-Chakbeli Khan Road.

Location map

additionally, Park View City Phase 2 location is excellent as it is close to T-Chowk, a major intersection on G.T Road; moreover, it provides easy access to different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Furthermore, the neighborhood of Phase 2 is bustling with commercial areas, markets, public transport spots, educational institutes, and much more.

Close by Landmarks

The following landmarks and places are situated near the location of PVC Phase 2 Islamabad:

NOC and Approval

No Objection Certificate (NOC) is mandatory for a housing scheme to become legal, and gain the trust of investors and potential customers. There is no solid information about Park View City Phase 2 NOC, as the project appeared just recently. However, according to some speculations, the paperwork for the NOC for the initial land area is completed and submitted to the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Park View City Phase 2 NOC

Vision Group has an excellent record of accomplishment when it comes to the legality of its projects. Both of their past projects i.e. Park View City Islamabad are approved by CDA, whereas, Park View City Lahore is duly approved by LDA. Therefore, the record leaves no doubt about the legality of the upcoming Phase 2.

Owners and Developers of Park View City Phase 2

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 is a project of Vision Group, a real estate development firm owned by Abdul Aleem Khan, a famous politician. Vision Group is a widely famous development company with multiple successful projects in Pakistan.

Owners and Developers Park View City Phase 2

What’s more, is that the firm was established back in 2012 and delivered noticeable excellence in the real estate sector. After successfully delivering and expanding PVC Islamabad, Vision Group is now launching Phase 2. It aims to provide exceptional lifestyle and investment opportunities to the people of the twin cities.

Vision Group, under the leadership of Abdul Aleem Khan, has delivered the following projects in the past:

  • Park View City Islamabad
  • Park View City Lahore
  • PV Signature Apartments Gulberg Lahore
  • Park View Corporate Tower Lahore
  • Park View Icon Karachi
  • The National School Lahore/Multan
  • Cinestar Cinema Lahore/Multan
  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation

Master Plan

Park View City Phase 2 will be a master-planned community similar to Phase 1. It will consist of residential areas, dedicated commercial areas, parks, mosques, open spaces, and much more. The official master plan, however, has not yet been disclosed by the developers, as the project is in the pre-launch stage, therefore, it might be still in the making.

Master plan Park View City Phase 2

In addition to this, Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 will span over 10,000 Kanal land areas, Out of which 2500 to 3000 Kanal land is already acquired. This area will be developed in the first phase, and developers will continue to acquire more area as the project progresses.

The master plan of Phase 2 will follow the same layout as Phase 1, having residential areas with dedicated recreational spaces and each block having commercial districts.

Furthermore, a beautiful and grand entrance, a wide road network, and world-class amenities will be part of its master plan. Hence, residents will enjoy a well-maintained lifestyle with all basic and advanced facilities.

Pre-launch Plot Sizes

As the project is in pre-launch stage, only two plot sizes are announced, however, larger sizes will be introduced as the society develops.

Following are plot sizes are available in this project as of now:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

Pre-Launch Plot Prices

The total price of plots in Park View City Phase 2 Islamabad is kept very economical as compared to Phase 1.

  • The total cost of 5 Marla Plot is PKR 5,500,000
  • 10 Marla Plot Price in Park View City Phase 2 is PKR 90,000,000
  • The total cost of the 01 Kanal Plot is PKR 27,500,000

Park View City Phase 2 Payment Plan

Customers can book their plots in PVC Islamabad Phase 2 with a 25% down payment, that is PKR 1,250,000 for 5 Marla and PKR 2,125,000 for 10 Marla. The remaining balance payment of PKR 3,750,000 (5 Marla) and PKR 6,375,000 (10 Marla) can be cleared in 8 quarterly installments.

  • 5 Marla Quarterly Installment: PKR 468,750
  • 10 Marla Quarterly Installment: PKR 796,875

The snapshot of the pre-launch payment plan is attached below:

Park View City Phase 2 Payment Plan

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 Amenities

In a similar fashion to PVC Islamabad, Phase 2 of this luxury housing project boasts all basic facilities and numerous modern amenities. Future residents of PVC Islamabad Phase 2 will enjoy a peaceful, luxurious, convenient, and well-off lifestyle.

Some of the main amenities of Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 are as follows:

  • All basic facilities including water, gas and electricity.
  • Educational institutes
  • Mosques in all sectors
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Reserve open areas
  • Sewerage system
  • 24/7 reliable security services
  • Commercial areas
  • Supermarkets and daily necessity shops
  • Secure gated community
  • Grand Entrance
  • International standard development
  • Wide roads and streets
  • Entertainment facilities

Park View City Phase 2 Launching Dates

Vision Group has not yet revealed the official launching dates for PVC Islamabad Phase 2, the project is just unveiled in the pre-launch stage, and therefore, a considerable amount of time will be taken to officially launch it.

Stay tuned to our website to get the latest information about the launching dates. You can also stay in touch with Park View City’s official website and social media website for further updates!


Park View City Phase 2 is an upcoming housing project by Vision Group, after the exceptional success and performance of PVC Islamabad. Looking at the performance of predecessors of this project, it is an excellent housing project to buy plots. The potential of this upcoming project is high, and it will reward early investors and customers.

As the project expands, new plot cuttings, commercial plots, apartments, villas, and other additions will be included here. With the marvelous planning and development expertise of Vision Group, Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 will follow the footsteps of past projects and become a sought-after project of Twin Cities.

Want to book a plot? Need more information? Contact us!

Park View City Phase 2 is an ideal project for people who want to invest in real estate for future benefit. The prices are economical, therefore, interested people should book their plots soon. New prices will be revealed eventually after the official launch.

If you need any more information or want to book a plot, please feel free to contact us via the following methods:

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is Park View City Phase 2 Islamabad?

After delivering Park View City Phase 1, the developers have now revealed Phase 2 of this mega project to offer affordable plots.

Q- What is the exact location of PVC Phase 2?

The exact location of the second phase is not confirmed yet, however, it is present close to Rawalpindi Ring Road, close to Rawat Rawalpindi and its entrance will be on the main G.T Road.

Q- What are the pre-launch plot sizes in this project?

The following three sizes are available in the pre-launch stage:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

Q- Does Park View City Phase 2 offer plots in installments?

Yes, all three plot options in Park View Phase 2 are offered in installments of 2 years.

Q- What is the NOC status of PVC Phase 2?

Currently, there is no insight into the NOC as of yet, however, the past projects of Vision Group are approved, therefore PVC Phase 2 will be approved soon.

Q- When will PVC Islamabad Phase 2 launch?

Sadly, The exact launch date of the second phase of Park View City is not confirmed yet, we will inform you as soon as the launch date is revealed.

Q- Who is the developer of Park View City Second Phase?

Vision Group is the developer of Phase 2, in the past, PVC Lahore and PVC Islamabad have been a huge success.

Q- Is Park View City Phase 2 in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

The prime location of Phase 2 is in the middle point of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, near Rawat and RRR route. Therefore, both cities will be easily accessible from its location.