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Market and Price Update of DHA Phase 2 Extension Islamabad

DHA Phase 2 Extension Islamabad Location

DHA Phase 2 Extension has seen an unprecendented rise over the last half of 2015 when immense demand came in the market for its files which drove market prices up by 15 to 30 lacs within a short span. This came as a windfall for those who had been waiting desperately for past couple of years for this rise to come. Those who had sold their files at lower prices during the first half of 2015 and those who didn’t consider buying in this area must have regretted on their decision for having lost this opportunity for quick gain.

Many people may not even be aware of the whereabouts of DHA Phase 2 Extension and might be considering it to be somewhere on DHA Expressway as shown on Google Maps, which is absolutely wrong. The actual location of DHA Phase 2 Extension is close to DHA Valley right after the railway track which can be considered as the boundary between DHA Phase 2 and DHA Phase 2 Extension.

The area consisting of blocks i.e. J,K,L,M,N,Q,P was also part of DHA Phase 2 Extension but later it was included in proper phase 2 while the remaining area has been termed as DHA Phase 2 Extension. It has a large number of blocks i.e. from A to T with a large number of 1 kanal residential files.

Initial blocks i.e. A,B,C & D are considered to be most expensive where prices of 1 kanal all dues cleared files normally range from 55 to 60 lacs as per current market rates. Earlier this year, similar files would cost around 30 to 35 lacs. Similarly, last blocks i.e. P,Q,R,S,T are the cheapest ones where prices of 1 kanal open certificates range from 28 to 30 lac rupees as per current market rates. Earlier this year, similar files would cost around 17 to 18 lacs.

The only major reason driving this abrupt rise in prices of DHA Phase 2 Extension is that physical development on the project has been started by DHA which has accelerated demand of files. A revised map of DHA Phase 2 Extension is also expected to be disclosed very soon in which some blocks may be cancelled and their files may be merged in initial blocks. Initially the project had only 4 blocks, i.e. A,B,C and D, but later on files of various other blocks came in the market which were mostly given to civilians as well as to the landowners and developers as a policy of DHA.

Since the development work has started already, there are chances that prices will continue to rise with more developments in this area. We will share more updated news and site images in our next articles on dha phase 2 extension, so stay tuned !

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