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Latest Pictures of DHA Homes Islamabad

These pictures were taken recently during our visit to DHA Homes Islamabad. These are worth sharing here on this blog as most of the people have not visited the actual project site of DHA Homes where we approach through an unpaved link road from Kallar Syedan Road. This road passes through undeveloped hilly area which is known as Oleander Block of DHA Valley.

DHA Expressway which starts from Islamabad Expressway and goes on to DHA Valley is still under-construction. Once this main access road is completed, prices in overall dha valley & specifically in DHA Homes will improve.

I hope you will appreciate our endeavors to provide you with latest pictures of this project.

External Pictures of DHA Homes Project Site:

IMG_20140517_144322 IMG_20140517_144327 IMG_20140517_144332 IMG_20140517_144611 IMG_20140517_144618 IMG_20140517_144621 IMG_20140517_144625 IMG_20140517_144631 IMG_20140928_142005 IMG_20140928_142029 IMG_20140928_142037 IMG_20140928_142045 IMG_20140928_142130 IMG_20140928_142447 IMG_20140928_142453 IMG_20140928_142513 IMG_20140928_142540 IMG_20140928_142556 IMG_20140928_142604 IMG_20140928_142632 IMG_20140928_142641 IMG_20140928_142645 IMG_20140928_142808 IMG_20140928_142838

Internal Pictures of Model House:

IMG_20140517_144209 IMG_20140517_144200 IMG_20140517_144151 IMG_20140517_144145 IMG_20140517_143644  IMG_20140517_143718 IMG_20140517_143706 IMG_20140517_144141 IMG_20140517_143635 IMG_20140517_143624 IMG_20140517_143611 IMG_20140517_143604 IMG_20140517_143526 IMG_20140517_143441 IMG_20140517_143447 IMG_20140517_143506 IMG_20140517_143511 IMG_20140517_143519

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  1. Khalid Masoud Rehman Rao says:

    Hi Mr.Yasir,

    Ref my phone call I wanted to know if you have latest on DHA 8 Marla home any update pls advise.I have seen some pics of the project but no news from any where.Your pics of the project are ok but if there is any possession in the pipeline.Please if possible give us any news.

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