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Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi Registration Open Until 26th March

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi has observed immense response of general public as well as property dealers/investors across the country. Since the scheme belongs to Pakistan Air Force, which is a reputable organization with a prestigious history of housing development in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Forms were hardly available through nominated HBL branches due to the number of people swarming in for registration. Few dealers also started to sell at higher price outside bank branches which promoted black marketing. It is also reported that some employees of HBL sold bulk of these forms at higher price to the dealers/investors at higher price. As a result, general public could not purchase these registration forms from the banks and now they are at the mercy of black marketers who are selling at as much profit as they can get.

As per today’s advertisement, Fazaia has announced that it has given out all forms which were reserved for general public, which implies that general public has no other options left but to purchase registration forms from the open market.

The last date for submission of these registration forms is 26th March 2015, so hurry up and submit your forms today in any HBL branch near your home.

Fazaia Karachi Apartments Registration Form

Fazaia Karachi Registration Form

Here is a copy of the most demanded registration form of Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi. Many people were expecting that these forms would be available online which they would download and submit for registration, but the actual story is entirely different. There were limited forms, which were given to limited number of general public through banks, and majority of the forms were sold directly to investors/dealers at higher prices. As per the sources, banks were also involved in this black marketing and they made fortune out of these forms.

Now it is clearly declared by Fazaia that forms are no longer available as they have given away all available stock of registration forms. This is unfortunate but there is no option left now but to buy from open market at high price. The more you delay, the more it can cost since many habitual speculators of Bahria Town have come into action and prices are expected to go much higher in a couple of days.