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DHA City Lahore Affectees Initiate Protests Against DHA

DHA City Lahore Protests

DHA City project has proven to be a fiasco for DHA Lahore as hundreds of affectees have initiated a series of protests and rallies against the authority. After so many years of silence, the affectees have finally come out on streets to seek justice.

Brief History

DHA had launched DHA City Lahore project back in 2010. Thousands of people applied for plots and all applications were approved. After five years of the project launch, it was disclosed that a third party Globaco Private Limited (Now Orange Holdings Private Limited) had committed fraud with DHA and ran away with all the public money. DHA put restriction on all file transfers of DHA City, which added to the woes of affectees, as many affectees had paid full amount of plots from their hard earned money. DHA filed a complaint with NAB, and the case is currently under investigation.

Demand of Affectees

The core committee of DHA City Affectees is quite vocal about the issue and they demand their legitimate right to get plots. Following are the images of some banners made by the affectees:

DHA City Lahore Protest Banners DHA City Lahore Protest Banners2 DHA City Lahore Protest Banners3

The core committee of the affectees sought coverage of top media channels, and many tv channels including ARY and Geo News covered the protest news.

Following is the letter sent to media channels & newspapers by the Core Committee:

DHA City Lahore Protest Media Coverage

Following are some images of the news channels which covered the news, and ran news slides in their programmes about the ongoing protest before DHA office in Lahore:

DHA City Lahore Protest Media Coverage ARY DHA City Lahore Protest Media Coverage ARY2 DHA City Lahore Protest Media Coverage Lahore News DHA City Lahore Protest Media Coverage3

Following are some images of the protest before the DHA Office in Lahore. As you can see, many affectees are standing outside the office holding banners in hand and demanding their right from the DHA.

DHA City Lahore Protest 1 DHA City Lahore Protest 2 DHA City Lahore Protest 3 DHA City Lahore Protest 4 DHA City Lahore Protest DHA City Lahore Protest1 DHA City Lahore Protest2 DHA City Lahore Protest3 DHA City Lahore Protest4 DHA City Lahore Protest5  DHA City Lahore Protestsx DHA City Lahore Protestx

The protest was covered by the DAWN News also, and it published the following report on the event:

DHA City Lahore Protests Dawn Report

In response to the public protests and exclusive media coverage of the event, DHA Lahore was forced to publish a notice in the newspapers asking the affectees to stay calm and do not try to influence the ongoing case in the NAB.

Following is the response from DHA:


DHA Management seems to be annoyed by this ongoing protest by DHA City Affectees, and they consider it to be driven by design of Globaco Private Limited, rather than actual suffering of the affectees. DHA has once again put forward the whole case before general public and wants to come clean out of it.

The Affectees, who never knew Globaco Private Limited, trusted on DHA, and they paid in the name of DHA. So, DHA has to deliver to them. DHA shows itself a victim of fraud, and wants general public to wait for several more years till the whole of looted money comes back to DHA.

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