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Daily Updated Plot Prices in Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is an extraordinary yet affordable housing society located on the premises of Lahore City. Lahore Smart City is a milestone project of Future Development Holdings (FDHL), Surbana Jurong (DJ), and Habib Rafiq PVT Ltd (HRL). It is a duly approved project by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and offers residential and commercial plots in different sizes and categories. This page is designed to give you the latest and daily updated Lahore Smart City Plot Prices.

Lahore Smart City plot prices are very reasonable for the luxury and value it provides, therefore, it is high in demand amongst investors and the general public. Short and long-term investors as well as end-users show a tremendous amount of interest in purchasing property in Lahore Smart City. Lahore Smart City plot prices keep changing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis; therefore, you should have sufficient knowledge about the latest plot prices in Lahore Smart City. So, you can make better deals and purchase plots at actual market prices!

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Lahore Smart City Latest Market Trend

Every housing project undergoes rise and fall at some point or another in its journey. If we talk about Lahore Smart City, it is a duly approved and exceptionally designed venture of the famous developer HRL, therefore, its demand stayed consistent over the years. A steady increase in prices of plots in Lahore Smart City was witnessed in the present year as well as the past few years. We can say that the prices are rising at a steady pace and increasing with time. It is important to note that prices witness rise and fall according to the current market situation and client demand.

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Most Demanded Properties in Lahore Smart City (As of December 2022)

The following 2 plot categories remain at the top if we talk about demand and profit margin:

5 Marla Residential Plots

According to the latest stats, 5 Marla residential (PKR 2160000) is traded most frequently in the real estate market. In the past, profit was around 3 lac PKR but now, owners are demanding around 4 lac PKR per file.

4 Marla Commercial Plots

In the commercial category, 4 Marla commercials are taking the lead in terms of profit margin. A few months ago, profit was around 22 lac PKR. Now, people are demanding 26 lac PKR and more for these files.

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Lahore Smart City Plot Prices

Following are the latest market prices of Lahore Smart City. We have gathered the prices of different blocks and displayed them on this page for your convenience. We have divided the prices into minimum and maximum to give you a clear idea so you can make a better decision while buying or selling plots in Lahore Smart City. You can bookmark this page and come back here easily when you need insights into prices!

Please contact us at this number:+92-333-0166664 for the latest information on Lahore Smart City and its prices!

Lahore Plot Prices as of 13th of December, 2022

Block/BookingPlot SizeTotal PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price

Residential Plots

Executive5 Marla21.60 Lacs4.55 Lacs5.40 Lacs
Overseas5 Marla22.20 Lacs3.35 Lacs4 Lacs
Executive7 Marla28.20 Lacs2.85 Lacs3.65 Lacs
Executive7 Marla29.75 Lacs2.80 Lacs3.60 Lacs
Overseas10 Marla39.60 Lacs4.10 Lacs5.10 Lacs
Executive10 Marla40.80 Lacs4.20 Lacs5.20 Lacs
Executive12 Marla43.80 Lacs3.30 Lacs4.10 Lacs
Overseas12 Marla45.00 Lacs4.25 Lacs5.10 Lacs
Executive1 Kanal64.80 Lacs10.40 Lacs11.40 Lacs
Overseas1 Kanal66.00 Lacs10.50 Lacs11.50 Lacs

Commercial Bookings Resale

Executive4 Marla89.50 Lacs39.00 Lacs41.00 Lacs
Overseas4 Marla94.50 Lacs36.00 Lacs38.00 Lacs
Executive8 Marla174.50 Lacs54.00 Lacs56.00 Lacs
Overseas8 Marla179.50 Lacs53.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Overseas2.66 Marla69.00 Lacs16.20 Lacs17.70 Lacs
Overseas6 Marla (Fresh)168.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs27.00Lacs

Fresh booking Rates

Executive5 Marla26.85 Lacs1.75 Lacs2.45 lacs
Overseas5 Marla28.45 Lacs1.75 Lacs2.45 Lacs
Executive7 Marla34.90 Lacs45.00 Thousand1.15 Lacs
Overseas7 Marla37.00 Lacs45.00 Thousand1.15 Lacs
Executive10 Marla49.45 LacsLevel50.00 Thousand
Overseas10 Marla53.25 LacsLevel50.00 Thousand
Executive12 Marla54.25 Lacs25.00 Thousand85.00 Thousand
Overseas1 Kanal80.50 Lacs40.00 Thousand1.10 Lacs
Overseas1 Kanal84.90 Lacs40.00 Thousand1.10 Lacs

Old Booking Resale Files

18.00 Lacs Booking--6.40 Lacs7.40 Lacs
19.00 Lacs Booking--6.10 Lacs7.10 Lacs
33.00 Lacs Booking--9.90 Lacs10.90 Lacs
34.00 Lacs Booking--10.30 Lacs11.30 Lacs
54.00 Lacs Booking--17.50 Lacs18.50 Lacs
55.00 Lacs Booking--18.00 Lacs19.00 Lacs
26.85 Lacs--1.75 lacs2.45 Lacs