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Countryside Farms Rawalpindi

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Cover Image

Countryside Farms is a luxurious farmhouse community project on Chakbeli Road, Rawalpindi. It is sponsored by Sims Premier Developments (pvt) Limited, while development works are carried out by M/S Zee Brother (pvt) Ltd. It offers a limited number of farmhouse plots measuring 4 kanal, 5 kanal and 10 kanal on 1.5 years easy installments plan.

Countryside Farms is one remarkable project that appeals potential residents due to its highly accessible location, natural environment, proximity to major commercial centers like Giga Mall, all-inclusive feature-enriched master plan, upscale development standards & reasonable prices. Additionally, the best part is that the society owns 100% of the land and you get physical location of the plot you book, so you can invest your money with confidence.

Full-fledged development works are in progress at the project site, so you can rest assured about timely delivery of the project. First farmhouse block “Winchester” is scheduled to be ready for possession in 2023.

Below we will be discussing in detail about the concept of Countryside Farms, its master plan, salient features, planned amenities, development updates and farmhouse prices with payment schedule. So, go through the content of this page and contact us at 0345522253 in case you need further assistance.

Countryside Farms Concept

Countryside Farms Scheme is envisioned to offer a nature-infused lifestyle to its residents. The farmhouse community features a peaceful yet luxurious living in the lap of nature, away from the fuss, noise, and pollution of Rawalpindi city. It is a comprehensive farmhouse project with dedicated residential and commercial areas planned evenly throughout the master plan.

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi have turned the dreams of every city-dweller of living in a natural environment into reality. The unparalleled amenities, marvelous landscape, serenity, and distance from the city promise a very peaceful and exceptional lifestyle. Being one of the largest farmhouse societies in Rawalpindi, it offers different sizes of farmhouse plots to cater to the needs of the community.

Countryside Residencia

Countryside Residencia is yet another marvelous addition to the portfolio of SIM Builders and Zee Brother after the successful launch of Countryside Farms. This residential venture located at a serene location offers smaller-sized plots to meet the needs of investors and low and middle-income people of society. It is present right next to the location of Countryside Farms and features affordable residential plots.

For more details and information please visit: Countryside Residencia.

Countryside Farms Location

Countryside Farms are precisely situated on Bassali Road along main Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi. Coming from the Rawat side, Countryside Farms lies at a distance of almost 7 Km on Chakbeli Road. A slight left from the Harraka Bus Stop towards Bassali Road leads directly to Countryside Farms.

Moreover, the society is ideally placed at about 1 Km from the first interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road. Therefore, it can be easily accessed from multiple routes in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Following is an image of the location map:

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Location Map

What’s unique about the location of Countryside Farms is that it is just minutes away from the main city but still far from its hustle and bustle. In simple words, if you were a resident of Countryside Farms, you would enjoy the peace and serenity of the society along with convenient access to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi City.

Generally, farmhouse projects are developed far away from the cities where the environment is peaceful and close to nature, but in this case, the society managed to acquire a marvelous location that is far from commotion yet within few minutes drive from the city.



Following is the accessibility of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi from different places in the twin cities:

  • Just 30 minutes from Bahria Town
  • Just 19 minutes from Giga Mall
  • Just 33 minutes from Gulberg Greens
  • Just 29 minutes from Rawat T-Chowk
  • Just 23 minutes from DHA 3
  • Just 5 minutes from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Just 40 minutes Islamabad International Airport
  • Just 30 minutes from Zero Point Islamabad
  • Just 20 minutes from the Institute of Space Technology

Nearby Housing Societies

Following housing societies are located within approachable distance from Countryside Farms Rawalpindi:

Total Land Area

Countryside Farms land area is sprawled over 3500 Kanal of beautiful landscape. About 500 Kanals of land is currently under development that will be ready for possession in a couple of months.

Countryside Farms Developers

SIM Premiere Development (PVT) Ltd is the developer of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi. It is one of the leading construction and development firms serving in the industry. Zee Brothers (PVT) Ltd is also contributing to the development of this farmhouse society. Moreover, ZeeDES Engineering and Design Consultants are handling the design responsibilities of the society.

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Developers and Designers
  • SIM Premiere Development is serving the construction sector of Pakistan for more than a decade and delivered multiple projects during its tenure. Now, they are using their vast expertise to develop Countryside Farms Rawalpindi.
  • Zee Brother (PVT) Ltd is a well-versed design and construction company in Islamabad with 16 years of custom building experience. The firm has contributed its services to the real estate sector of Pakistan in town planning, architecture design, infrastructural development, and the construction industry.
  • ZeeDES Engineering and Design Consultancy is a subsidiary of Zee Brother (PVT) that is entirely focused on engineering and design services. This sub-company has provided design services for different projects across Pakistan.

Development Status

The groundbreaking ceremony of Countryside Farms took place in the first week of March, 2022. Preliminary development activities such as earthworks are currently in progress. The land is being flattened for construction of road network in the society. After completion of earthworks, infrastructure development activities will ensue.

Following are some latest pictures of development work at Countryside Farms:

Countryside Farms NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Countryside Farms is currently under process at Rawalpindi Development Authority. However, the technical approval of the layout plan (LOP) is expected within 3 months.

According to the officials of Countryside Farms, the final LOP and NOC of Countryside Farms are expected soon. The society has completed its documentation process & applied for the approval of LOP at RDA, which is expected to be issued any time in 2023. Once LOP is approved, the NOC will follow in a couple of weeks.

Master Plan

Countryside Farms’ master plan is designed to deliver ultimate comfort, basic and advanced amenities, and a mix of residential and commercial sectors. Overall, society is divided into different blocks and all of the blocks have a unique feature attached to them.  Moreover, plots of different sizes are included in the blocks with land specified for different amenities like mosques, parks, and open spaces. Moreover, special places are kept for the development of bird’s aviary, lake and fishing points, independent living complex, and much more.

Following is the snapshot of the official master plan of Countryside Farms:

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Master Plan

You may download the PDF master plan of society attached below:

Residential Blocks in Countryside Farms

Countryside Farms are divided into 5 residential blocks in total as given below:

Royal Block

The Royal Block of Countryside Farms is a heaven for golf and greenery lovers. This block features an independent and international golf course in addition to farmhouse residences. It is specifically designed to give a new meaning to golfing excellence.

This block is currently at initial stage of development, however the horse-riding club is already constructed where a few horses are kept by the society as well as farmhouse owners.

Venus Block

In addition to different sizes of farmhouse plots, the unique feature of Venus block is an entire lake. This lake will act as a tourist and picnic point where families and individuals will enjoy the views of shining waters. Moreover, fishing enthusiasts and lovers will enjoy catching fish in a purposely built lake.

Polo Block

As the name indicates, the special feature of this block is a well-equipped and dynamic polo zone where the game will be played. Residents of this block will enjoy luxury living with a dedicated polo ground that will host games at different times throughout the year.

Polo Block is currently partially developed, and you may get possession of your farmhouse plots within a year. Construction of the Masjid has just started, while a number of vehicles are currently working on cutting and leveling of the land.

Amazon Block

Amazon is a greenery-enriched block with a touch of wildlife and a safari experience. This block features a riding club. A touch of exhilarating experiences will enable the residents to enjoy an adventurous lifestyle.

This block is currently at the initial stage of development and it will take about 2 years to be ready for possession.

Winchester Block

Winchester Block offers exceptional living along with the addition of multiple outdoor activities. Different games are available for adults and kids, archery will be the most noticeable sport of all. Residents will enjoy a refreshing lifestyle with multiple entertainment options.

Development work in Winchester block is completing in a year or so and farmhouse plots will be ready for possession soon. The management is actively working to complete the earthwork sooner so that physical possessions can be given to the members.

Farmhouse Plot Sizes

The following plot sizes are available for the construction of farmhouses:

Residential (Farmhouse) Plots

  • 4 Kanal Farmhouse Plot
  • 5 Kanal Farmhouse Plot
  • 10 Kanal Farmhouse Plot

Commercial Plots

The commercial plots in Countryside Farms society are not yet announced by the management. According to society officials, they plan to launch commercial plots in the future because every housing project is incomplete without a commercial sector.

Features and Amenities

Salient Features

Countryside Farms Royal Business Club

A Royal Club will be established within the society to provide a place for spending some quality time. This is a club unlike any other that offers different luxury facilities to the members like:

  • Restaurants
  • Gym
  • Tea and Coffee Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sports Complex with table tennis, snooker, squash, badminton, basketball court, bowling, and car racing tracks
  • Community Centre

The Royal Club will offer the finest amenities with yearly and lifetime memberships to the residents

Healthy Environment

Farmhouses are considered a luxury and close to nature residences. Countryside Farms are being developed keeping this factor in view. To fulfill this requirement, the farmhouses in this society will be developed with a special emphasis on trees, plants, and greenery. Moreover, most of the area of farmhouses as well the society will be green areas. This will give rise to a natural environment for the residents that are pollution-free. Inhabitants of Countryside farmhouses will breathe natural air, which will be benefitting for the residents and also contribute to the environment.

Excellent Location and Accessibility

Most of the farmhouse projects are developed far away from cities and commotion. This is not the case in Countryside Farmhouses. The society is far away from the fuss of a busy city yet still present in the vicinity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Although there are all necessities of life present within the society sometimes there is a need of going out for some reason. In this case, Countryside Farms is located close to many landmarks and commercial areas. Moreover, society is also highly accessible from different points of the twin cities.

Unparalleled Amenities

Countryside Farmhouses provide all the facilities and advanced amenities to lead a worry-free, maintained, and entertained life. Residents will enjoy a peaceful life away from hustle and bustle. Moreover, the society will act as a comprehensive community with all the needs of inhabitants fulfilled within the premises of society. There are plenty of entertainment facilities in every block which will make life very fulfilling.

Unique Features of Every Block

Every block of Countryside Farms has unique features in addition to the provision of a luxurious lifestyle. For instance, the Royal Block has an international standard golf course that will not cater to golf lovers but also improve the aesthetics. Similarly, Venus Block offers a lake that not only provides breathtaking views but also a fishing facility. Polo Block has a dynamic polo ground that will host polo games and urge the residents in playing polo now and then. Winchester block has a fully equipped archery field whereas Amazon has increased greenery with wildlife and safari options.


When it comes to amenities, there is none missed by the developers to give to an exquisite and exceptional lifestyle. The provision of non-stop basic facilities, as well as other world-class living amenities and entertainment facilities, will be guaranteed in Countryside Farms. Moreover, the society meets the requirements of the modern consumer and makes sure that the residents enjoy the true essence of farmhouse living here.

Following are the extensive amenities available in the society:

  • Wide and Carpeted road and street networks for smooth flow of inter-society traffic. Moreover, the roads will be themed in different styles.
  • The society is surrounded by a boundary wall and acts as a gated community. Specified entry and exit points will be developed for the residents.
  • Premium security of residents will be ensured through a checked entry and exit. Furthermore, CCTV surveillance and the presence of security guards make it a fully protected society.
  • There will be an uninterrupted supply of basic facilities including water, gas, and electricity. They will be provisioned underground to improve the visual appeal of society.
  • The environment will be healthy and green. The society plans to keep the green areas in abundance and green belts along the road to contribute to the environment as well as a healthy atmosphere for residents.
  • The society focuses on organic living; therefore organic farms will be developed in the society that will supply fresh, fruits and vegetables to the residents. Moreover, farmhouse owners can also plant vegetables, fruits, plants, and flowers within their premises.
  • Classical landmarks will be developed in the society that will catch the eye with their marvelous designs and architecture.
  • Parks and open spaces in the society for the entertainment of inhabitants. Moreover, children’s playgrounds will ensure the activity and entertainment of kids.
  • A central lake will be a part of the society that will provide mesmerizing views in addition to a fishing facility.
  • An international standard golf course is planned in the Royal Block to encourage the residents to play the gentlemen’s game as well as improve aesthetics.
  • A fully-equipped polo ground that will enable the residents to play polo and host polo games at different times.
  • Birds’ aviary, horse riding club, and archery field will offer plenty of entertainment facilities where children and adults can make their time worthwhile.

Countryside Farms Prices & Payment Plan

The prices of farmhouses at Countryside Farms are quite affordable as compared to other farmhouse projects in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Moreover, the society is offering trailblazing farmhouse living experience at such affordable prices.

The society has currently launched the payment plans of farmhouse plots, however it is going to launch its commercial plots soon that will be an added investors’ attraction.

Following is an image of the detailed payment plan of Countryside farmhouses:

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Payment Plan

New Payment Plan 2022

You may still avail the pre-launch payment plan for a limited number of plots, so don’t miss this lucrative investment opportunity. You can reach us by phone or whatsapp at +92-345-5222253 , email us at marketing@manahilestate.com, or submit the inquiry form after filling out the necessary fields.

Countryside Farms Brochure

You may download the official Brochure of Countryside Farms below:

Booking Details

Manahil Estate is here to help you book your farmhouse plot in this society. Get in touch with us and we’ll not only guide you through the procedure but also identify the best options for you. You can easily book your plot by clearing the down payment that includes 15% booking and 10% confirmation charges. The rest of the payment can be paid in quarterly or monthly installments. Moreover, 5% possession charges will be applicable at the time of possession. The society also offers a flat 10% discount on lump-sum payments.

Interested in the project? Want to learn more or book your plot? Contact Manahil Estate today to invest in this magnificent farmhouse project!

Why invest in Countryside Farms?

There are hands full of reasons to invest in the Countryside Farms Rawalpindi like:

  • Firstly, the project lies neither at a very desirable location that is neither too far away nor too close to the city premises. The society is ideally far from the commotion and noise of a busy city yet in the vicinity of many famous landmarks. Moreover, it is highly accessible from Rawalpindi as well as Islamabad; the residents will not face any difficulties going places from Countryside Farms.
  • Secondly, it is one of the best farmhouse societies in the area. They are not only offering a close-to-nature living atmosphere but also top-of-the-line amenities. Therefore, it is a great place to construct a farmhouse and led a worry-free life.
  • Furthermore, the investment in this project is pretty high, that is the annual turnover is expected to be in the millions. This is one of a kind project featuring all the aspects required by any society to become successful. The master plan is terrific, and the developers and designers are well-versed and experienced. So it is likely to become a hotspot farmhouse project in Rawalpindi.

Pros and Cons of Countryside Farms

Every housing society has some advantages and some drawbacks. But in the case of Countryside Farms, the benefits are far more than the disadvantages. Following is a comparison of the pros and cons of the society.


  • 24/7 supply of facilities like water, gas, and electricity
  • Remarkable location
  • Many landmarks are present nearby
  • Comparatively affordable prices
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Provision of all world-class amenities
  • Convenient payment and installment plan
  • Well-designed master plan
  • Development already started


  • Perception of faraway location
  • The misconception of very high prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is Countryside Farms?

Countryside Farms are a farmhouse community in Rawalpindi that offers different sizes of farmhouse plots. It is a one-of-a-kind project featuring all basic and advanced amenities.

Q- How is this project different from others?

This project has plenty of unique features that differentiate it from the rest of the farmhouse projects. It has an independent lake, polo ground, archery field, riding club, and much more. Moreover, Countryside Farms are full of modern amenities.

Q- Where are Countryside Farms located?

Countryside Farms are located in a very attractive location of Bassali Road on main Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi. It is just 7 Km from Rawat.

Q- What is the development status of the society?

The groundbreaking ceremony of this society was held back in March 2022 and work is in full progress since then. As of now, the groundwork is being done in society; go to the development status section for more details.

Q- What plot sizes are offered at Countryside Farms?

Countryside Farms are currently only residential (farmhouse) plots of the following sizes:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 5 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal

Q- Are plots available in installments?

Yes, the society offers plots in easy installments; you can book a plot by paying booking and confirmation charges. Rest can be paid in quarterly or monthly installments. Head over to the payment plan for more information.

Concluding Remarks

Witness a never before seen lifestyle at one of the leading farmhouse projects of Rawalpindi. Countryside Farms is the definition of true luxury and offers the ultimate farmhouse living experience.

Everything from the concept, design, land features, and development plan to the location and accessibility of Countryside Farms is quite appealing, hence it is rated as one of the best farmhouse projects available today in Rawalpindi.

Proximity to the upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road has escalated the land cost in this particular area already. Therefore, residents of Rawat, Bahria Town, DHA, Zaraj Society and neighboring areas should consider this place as their future home.

Interested in buying a plot in Countryside Farms? Give us a call at 03455222253, or send us an email, moreover, you can also fill out our inquiry form at contact us page! One of our representatives will assist you ASAP!