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Procedure of Transferring a Property to a Family Member as a Gift

The procedure of transferring your own property to any of your family member as a gift under CDA guidelines is given as under:

The allottee can apply for transfer of property at the Front Office, One Window Operation, CDA,  through acknowledgement of Oral Gift on stamp paper worth Rs. 5/- duly attested by 1st class Magistrate along with the following documents:

  • Original allotment letter (to be surrendered).
  • Property Tax Clearance Certificate from Revenue Directorate, CDA
  • Indemnity Bonds (Transferee/Allottee)
  • Photocopies of C.N.I.C (attested).
  • Statement recorded before concerned Deputy Director and duly stamped by him with his official seal.
  • NOC from Building Control Section (BCS), CDA.
  • Bank Draft of Rs.3000/- or Rs.5000/- (as per the case)
  • Photo copies of CNICs of two witnesses (attested)


If you find the above listed procedure incomplete, or you are unable to understand, you can contact us for guidance using contact us page.