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CDA Facing Trouble in Sectors C-14, C-15 & C-16

CDA is facing trouble in launching new sectors in C-series of Islamabad i.e. C-14, C-15 & C-16. CDA had started allotment of plots to the affectees of these sectors as these sectors were acquired on land sharing basis. According to which, CDA wouldn’t give reward to affectees, instead it would allot one kanal developed plot against 4 kanal of the acquired land.

CDA would auction remaining plots after allotment to affectee and development work will be started after possession of land. CDA had assigned Punjab Urban Unit to survey these sectors which has completed about 50% of its survey.

This is about a month old news clipping when CDA started allotment of plots to affectees which was published in daily jang.


According to latest news, affectees are not cooperating with CDA which has put the authority in trouble as this could potentially delay CDA’s plans to launch these new sectors. Affectees have reportedly resisted the authorities at various places.

CDA has already allotted plots to various affectees and made it transferable in case they would want to sell out these plots. Even High Court had ordered the affectees to cooperate with CDA during the survey but this order doesn’t seem to be implemented.

As long as the survey is not properly conducted, CDA will not be able to complete design of these sectors. Without design, CDA won’t be able to estimate the cost of development and can’t prepare PC-1 for budget allocation.

This recent update on new sectors was published in daily Jang and clipping is attached below:


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