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CDA Exhorts General Public to Invest in Legal Housing Schemes

CDA has recently published an informatory notice after observing that dozens of housing schemes have cropped up across all zones of Islamabad which are operating without acquiring formal approval and NOC from the authority.

CDA has reiterated that it is the only authority responsible to issue NOCs for planning, development and marketing of Private Housing Schemes in Zone-2, 4 and 5 of Islamabad as per the provisions of ICT Zoning Regulation 1992, amendments in ICT Zoning Regulation made in the year 2010 and Modalities and Procedures framed for planning and development of Private Housing Schemes.

It is mandatory for the sponsors (including Cooperative Societies, Private Limited Companies and Government Foundations/Trusts) of these housing schemes to develop the schemes and market the saleable areas (residential/commercial land uses) strictly in accordance with the provisions of NOCs issued by CDA.¬†The information regarding Layout Plans/NOCs for these schemes is also available on CDA’s website (www.cda.gov.pk).

General Public is hereby requested to invest in the scheme (not limited to residential/commercial plots) as per provisions of NOCs to aboid any loss, legal complications, and illegal benefit to the sponsors of these schemes. This approach will secure due consideration/acknowledgement of the investment/consumer funds as well as a great assistance to the authority in accomplishing the development of schemes in accordance with NOCs.

A copy of the public notice is attached below:

CDA Notice regarding NOC Compliance

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