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Bahria Town Rawalpindi Issues Merger Certificate Against Awami Villas Files

bahria town merger certificate

Bahria Town Rawalpindi has announced a policy to make amends for the woes of people having files of Awami Villas apartments in Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi. The policy applies to all the projects of awami villas including awami 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 where people have been waiting for past many years but they never saw any progress towards construction of their apartments.

According to the new policy, Bahria Town will issue a merger certificate against all such files whether standard or premier, and that certificate will be readily adjustable in all projects of Bahria Town Islamabad and Rawalpindi except those being dealt at corporate office, bahria town phase 2, or those which are JV projects with DHA or any other company.

To be a bit more precise, you can adjust this certificate against your payable amounts i.e. installments, category charges etc., in Bahria Town Phase 1 to 8, Bahria Garden City, Bahria Golf City and Bahria Enclave Islamabad.

The merger certificate will have the following adjustable values:

  • Standard Awami Apartment will receive a merger certificate worth 13,21,000/- PKR.
  • Premier Awami Apartment will receive a merger certificate worth 15,00,000/- PKR.

Following is the procedure to apply for merger certificate:

  1. File owner has to apply NDC at least one day before surrendering their file.
  2. File owner has to pay 100% principal amount due on awami file.
  3. Surcharges, taxes and transfer fee are not required to be paid.
  4. Surrender performa on stamp paper of PKR 50/- has to be duly signed by the owner/attorney.
  5. Open merger certificate will be issued against each surrendered file.
  6. Bearer of that open certificate will be considered the absolute owner of the document.

Documents required for surrender process:

  • CNIC copy of allottee along with 2 passport size photos
  • Original allotment letter/transfer letter along with all original deposit slips

The certificate will be issued one time only against each file, and it will not be regenerated in case of theft or loss. Moreover, it is readily sellable in the market at less-then-adjustable price. Since bearer of this certificate is considered as absolute owner, it can be adjusted in any file on a different name after signing the affidavit

Each certificate is valid for one year only. So, you have to utilize it before its expiry date that is mentioned on the certificate, otherwise it will be of no use.

Important Note: This offer is valid till 15th February 2018 only.

Following is a sample copy of merger certificate:

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Merger Certificate copy

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