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Bahria Town Karachi 15th August 2016 Balloting Results

Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Results

Bahria Town Karachi conducted computerized balloting of unballoted residential plots, homes and apartments on 15th August 2016. There have been many complaints from investors/plot owners after this balloting, especially from commercial owners who were supposed to get plot numbers in this balloting but bahria town didn't include commercials despite their claims and promises. Bahria Town's office staff was unable to give any reason and they asked people to contact the helpline which didn't work for many days.

According to general feedback, majority of files failed to get plot numbers even after having paid 10th installment on time. The reason for not being included was stated to be surcharges on the files. Bahria Town claimed that all the files which were clear of surcharges had been allotted plot numbers but in fact, we came across complaints from some overseas Pakistanis who had paid their installments timely and had zero surcharge but still they failed to get plot numbers.

Bahria Town later announced that all members whose files were timely paid and had zero surcharge could contact their office in Karachi with file details and they would be given plot numbers.

In short, this balloting didn't live up to the expectations of investors/general buyers. 

Majority of residential plots were allotted in new precincts, whose maps are still not available online. Bahria Town has launched some new precincts like 25A, 26A, 32, 33 etc. 125 SQY plots were allotted in 25A & 26A, 250 SQY plots were allotted in precinct 32 and 500 SQY plots were allotted in precinct 33. They may have launched more precincts, but we could verify only the ones mentioned here. Some people were given plots in older precincts too, but those plot numbers are missing in currently available maps.

Those who couldn't get plot numbers due to failure to pay all due installments or to clear their surcharges have still to wait for undefined time until the next balloting date is announced. Prices of unballoted files have dropped significantly after the balloting date as there is no more demand for these files in the market.

We hope Bahria Town will soon announce balloting date for leftover residential plots and especiallycommercial plots as people have waited for more than 2 years and there is no reason why bahria town wouldn't do it now. Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain had claimed that every member will get plot number on 15th August but all claims seem to have proven wrong. Bahria Town must realize that increasing mistrust of members will ultimately result in decline of Bahria Town and people will no longer trust their words.

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