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Bahria Awami Villas and DHA Homes Islamabad: The Affordable Housing Projects

Bahria Awami Villas and DHA Homes Banner


Affordable housing is the most important thing on the agenda of the current government. To achieve that they have established Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority (NAPHDA).

The purpose is to develop and deliver five million housing units to poor and low-income communities of Pakistan. This would not only garner investments but also fuel the construction industry.

Eminent real estate developers of Pakistan, Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. and Defence Housing Authority (DHA) are already serving in this segment with their projects in Islamabad

Bahria Awami Villas and DHA Homes are by far the best affordable real estate projects in the Twin Cities. Both of them have come up with their version of affordable luxury living where people from the lower middle class can afford their own homes.

Bahria Awami Villas Location

One of the major advantages of Bahria Awami Villas is its location that is right in the vicinity of Bahria Town Phase-8. This makes it accessible from all the major parts of the Twin Cities.

It is one of the main reasons that it is going to attract the lower middle class that cannot afford long-distance travel within the city. It is also closely located to the commercial center of Bahria Town Phase-7 where all the imported and local brands are available.

DHA Homes Islamabad Location

When compared with Bahria Awami Villas, DHA Homes Islamabad is as good in location because of the DHA Expressway. This Expressway is going to provide the shortest route to DHA Homes; it is still highly accessible from Islamabad Expressway as it is located in the DHA valley.

Bahria Awami Villas Developers

The developing company of Bahria Awami Villas is Bahria Town Pvt Ltd, and they have been developing and successfully delivering real estate projects across the country. They are not only trustworthy in the real estate market, but their initiative of Bahria Awami Villas is truly praiseworthy in terms of providing cheap plots or affordable houses in Islamabad.

DHA Homes Islamabad Developers

DHA with DHA Homes has remained one of the main competitors of Bahria Town Pvt Ltd in this segment of the market. It is one of the reasons that both of these developers have nearby locations, and both have the identical infrastructure to deliver. The infrastructure of DHA Homes is equally appealing.  

Bahria Awami Villas Design and Planning

One of the highlighting features of Bahria Awami Villas is that it has to offer spacious living in a small home. The ideology behind Bahria Awami Villas is to provide a living space for the lower class of the society who cannot afford dandy luxurious homes. However, all the Awami Villas have been beautifully designed and developed that will offer a two-bedroom space that can easily accommodate a small family.

DHA Homes Islamabad Design and Planning

DHA Homes also focuses on the low-income class but is equally good for those looking to buy an affordable house. It also offers the option of 8 Marla homes, which makes it an attractive option for big families. Both of these housing projects have a unique proposition in terms of the value and affordability they offer.

Bahria Awami Villas Features & Amenities

Bahria Awami Villas is going to be equipped with all the modern amenities, but the highlighting features of Bahria Awami Villas are 2-Bedroom Houses, 5-Marla Spacious living at par with other luxurious houses in Bahria Town, Completely built housing units, Cost-effective construction. Location of the project in the heart of Bahria Town Phase -8 that is a developed sector in Bahria Town equipped with all the features.

DHA Homes Islamabad Features & Amenities

DHA Homes offers similar value in terms of features but one of the differentiating features of DHA Homes is that comes with larger homes as well. DHA Homes feature road infrastructure, all the basic amenities, nearby schools and hospitals, maintenance facility, gated community, best quality fittings, and interiors.  

Bahria Awami Villas Prices

Both the housing schemes, Bahria Awami Villas and DHA Homes Islamabad have been offered to provide affordable homes to low-income strata of the society. This is why homes at these locations are available at quite better rates than other properties in the same location.

DHA Homes Islamabad Prices

After the recent developments, Bahria Awami Villas is going to offer the best value for money because it is situated in a highly developed area Bahria Town Phase-8. With 5 Marla and 8 Marla homes, DHA Homes offer equally good returns on investment.

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