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Gulberg Islamabad Development and Price Update June 2015


Gulberg Islamabad has proven to be a more rewarding investment option despite the general slowdown in property market across Islamabad. We had informed our readers about the ongoing developments and increasing trend of investment in Gulberg which ultimately caused increase of about 25 to 35 % in plot prices during the second half of last year and first half of this year.

As possessions had been announced already in Sector E, I, C, J, F & G, demands in these sectors increased rapidly causing prices to ratchet up significantly during the first half of this year. Development work in A & B is still on going and possessions are expected within a year for these two blocks. Once developed, this will be most expensive location in Residencia due to elevation, solid ground and distance from main highway.

Average price of 7 marla plots in the above mentioned blocks has reached around 30 lacs, 10 marla plots around 40 lacs and 1 kanal plots around 60 lacs. 10 marla plots have proven to be more profitable than other categories, whereas 1 kanal has still much room for profit.

Not all blocks have had this much demand and not all have increased that much in value. Major price rise is seen in blocks A, B, E, I and F, while few blocks like K, R, M, S, T, P have not seen any significant increase in prices.

Rise in prices can be attributed to two factors, i.e. start of construction work after possessions and least availability of plots. Since many investors had smelled the rise beforehand, they picked up majority of available plots from the market and literally swept off all good location plots. Most of them are still holding their investment which has caused shortage of plots resulting in significant increase in prices. Construction of a house in E block and launch of luxury houses project in block I have added to the demand of plots immensely in these sectors.

More possessions are expected in a year especially in L, M, R & V blocks which are quite developed already but lie at the farther end of the society towards Naval Anchorage. Block L & V can be considered as better investment options as prices are still reasonable and possessions are expected soon.

New cutting of residential plots may be announced within next 3 months in block A at the area reserved for future use. According to some sources, there will be around 300 plots of 10 marla & 1 kanal. Expected price of 10 marla will be around 50 lacs and 1 kanal will be around 80 lacs. This news has come from serving IB employees, however no exact dates are given.

Inauguration of the second bridge is expected very soon as the construction work is near completion. As soon as the bridge is completed, Residencia will get easy approach through farm houses and some price jumps can be expected. Balloting of files without numbers, launch of 5 marla plots and release of new map is also expected after the bridge is completed.

Gulberg Greens, on the other hand, has not shown any significant increase for past few months. Even after the revised booking prices, there is not significant rise in prices of old bookings. Block C still has some demand in market and it is considered to be the best block of Greens. Block E and D of Gulberg are still under development and Prices are comparatively low in these block. Development work is going on at good pace in these blocks, and we can expect possessions by next year.