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Author Topic: PECHS Society Islamabad: Which blocks Have Possession  (Read 2491 times)

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PECHS Society Islamabad: Which blocks Have Possession
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:27:40 PM »
Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad seems to be more developed than any other neighboring society. If you enter the society, you feel good when you see roads are complete and lit with street lights, electricity is available (not underground though), gas is available, sewerage system is in place, water is available through some big underground and overhead tanks to supply water throughout the society, Libyan Medical Complex is being constructed, and there is much more you can see when you enter, and most importantly, land is much better than other competitors i.e. AWT.
Blockwise, Block A, B,E have complete possession, while C, C-extension,D,F and K have half possession. C block area above the Jinnah Avenue is non-developed, same with D block. F block has possession up to few plots close-by the Jinnah Avenue, C-extension has possession up to plot no. 87, while remaining area is non-developed, K block has possession up to the Commercial Area, there is no possession beyond this commercial area.
Remaining Parts of F Block, C Block, C-extension Block, D block and K block still have to be given possession as development is not complete there.
Block G,H and M do not have possession, G and H are little developed and they may take some time before they are developed. M block is new and its development work is going on at full swing right now, so hopefully, this block will be developed sooner and possession will be given earlier than other blocks.
If you want to invest in PECHS, you have to consider the development status of the subject block, developed blocks will cost you higher while developing or non-developed land is relatively cheaper.
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