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DHA Valley Islamabad Development and Prices Update June 2015


There have been many developments since we shared market and price update of Dha Valley Islamabad in January 2015. DHA Valley has always been a most sought after society due to being an affordable investment option for the majority of genuine buyers and investors seeking long term investment options in Islamabad.

Prices in DHA Valley had been slow during the first quarter of 2015 and even they touched the rock bottom in the initial two months of the second quarter, however normal investments were going on smoothly as usual unlike Bahria Town where investments have almost stopped due to high uncertainty in the market. Average price of 5 marla fresh open file with 11 installments paid was around 7.5 lac rupees and average price of 8 marla fresh open file with 11 installments paid was 10 lac rupees.

Prices improved after the interview of Mr. Malik Riaz, in which he mentioned the current development status of DHA Valley Islamabad and also claimed that possessions will ensue from December 2015 onwards as pace of development work had sped up. Prices jumped immediately after the news and increased by up to 30% within a week. Average price of 5 marla fresh open file with 11 installments paid has gone up to 8.5 lac and average price of 8 marla fresh open file with 11 installments paid has gone up to 12 lacs. Prices has stopped rising though, as normally such rises are very short lived in DHA Valley and we normally recommend people to sell out their plots which normally don’t pay off good profit. And quick sale purchase option is always available in such rises where you can make good bucks within hours.

Most probably, possession of DHA Homes will be announced within a year and the residential blocks which may get possession sooner include Oleander, Lily, Magnolia and Sunflower. However, once some possession is announced officially, prices will take high jumps in all central blocks and may not reverse.

Bridge is already complete on DHA Expressway and the construction of Underpass at railway tracks is underway. The issue of Daducha DAM is about to be resolved as DHA & Bahria Town have offered to build this DAM free of cost if the subject land is handed over to them.

Reballoting of DHA Homes is expected this year, and hopefully possessions will follow after the reballoting process and revised layout map of DHA Homes. Possession of constructed homes will be handed over in the first phases, while remaining homes will be handed over in second and third phases of possessions which may go up to 2018 – 2020.

According to some sources, the GHQ has pressurized Mr. Malik Riaz to speed up development work in DHA Valley and once they summoned him and warned him of the consequences if development is further delayed due to any ill intentions. This hyped up interview is said to be the outcome of the same pressure from GHQ which has caused Mr. Malik Riaz to speak out on this matter and raise hopes about possession.

Prices may reverse to some extent in the coming few days or weeks, but still there is high potential that something concrete is going to happen in DHA Valley this year that will dispel the misconceptions about this project.